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Without investing a lot of money, new websites struggle to get traffic. However, there are other demand techniques, such as social media and forums, where generating quality material can aid in increasing the number of people who follow you for more thought leadership and value.

Medium is a social media site that enables users to express their opinions on any subject they desire, and there are several methods to make use of this.

This post will look at how you can use Medium to drive traffic to your site, so let's start by discussing what Medium is and how it works!

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What is Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform that enables users to publish articles on any subject they want. Readers of these articles may follow the writers and publishers to stay up to speed on their tales.

Medium is a terrific location for thought leaders to post longer-form pieces than you may see on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and it can be a great method to drive traffic back to your site.

How does Medium work?

When you produce an article for Medium, you may choose to publish it as a “story” or a “note.” A tale is similar to a blog post, however notes are shorter pieces that may be used for brief recommendations on a certain subject.

How To Use Medium To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Create High-Quality In-depth Content

When you produce an article for Medium, you must ensure that it is of excellent quality and of value to your readers.

Instead of rehashing the same stuff on your blog, take the effort to develop something unique and fascinating that people will want to read.

With an audience of over 100 million people, distinguishing yourself as a content producer that covers issues in detail will undoubtedly get you recognized and followed.

Experiment With Different Content Types

Medium is an excellent platform for testing out various sorts of content to determine which ones perform best for your viewers.

Try packing your thoughts into several content forms to see if any of them work better. The goal is to continue testing until you discover the sort of material that your viewers like.

This can help you establish an audience and attract the attention of those who read your posts on a regular basis.

Guest Post on Other Medium Pages

Guest posting is a smart tactic for companies trying to grow their audience.

Seek guest blogging chances on other media sites to get more people to notice you and the material you create.

Targeting smaller, specialized audiences is one of the greatest ways to grow your Medium following via guest writing.

Look for guest blogging chances on other medium blogs that cover issues similar to yours. This will drive more targeted visitors to your Medium, which you can then direct to your website.

Connect with Other Medium Influencers

Try engaging with other influencers in your sector who have a following on Medium to create traffic.

Connect with notable individuals in your industry and interact with their material to drive traffic back to your medium page.

One method to connect is to leave comments on other readers' articles. To establish a reputation in their community, invest in engaging other writers, showing interest in their journey, and encouraging thought-provoking debates.

Engaging with writers may lead to future collaborations or possibilities where they can include your website in their tale and link back to it.

Share Your Medium Posts on Social Media

Sharing your Medium content on social media is another strategy to drive traffic back to your site.

When you post a new piece on Medium, be sure to share it with your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

By posting on social media, you may contact individuals from various groups and backgrounds who may have similar interests.

To attract a broader audience, you may develop a social media plan geared exclusively for Medium.

Include a Link to Your Blog in Your Bio

Make sure to add a link to your blog in your bio when you establish your Medium profile so that others may visit it.

This is an excellent technique to boost traffic to your website and interact with your content.

Including a link in your bio allows individuals who come across your profile and enjoy what they read to locate more items you've published on the website.

Writing Medium Posts that People Will Want to Share

Make sure your blog postings are something that people will want to share on social media.

Your blog article must be entertaining and valuable to the reader in order to be successful.

People are more inclined to share content that is worth sharing, which may help drive traffic back to your site.

Be Consistent

By being consistent, you will become predictable, and readers will be able to rely on you to publish fresh information within a certain time frame. Frequency is important, particularly on Medium.

Consistency is an excellent strategy to boost people's engagement with your blog entries, which may lead to increased traffic to your site.

The greatest part about being consistent is that you may appear in their followers' notifications area, making it simpler for them to find out when you publish a new blog article.

Final Thoughts

Bloggers may use Medium to drive traffic back to their website.

The most essential thing you can do is concentrate on delivering value and consistency in your postings, which will assist enhance people's engagement with your material.

If done correctly, getting new readers from this platform does not need much time or effort.

Overall, Medium is an efficient technique to get visitors back to your site; all you have to do is figure out what works for you!


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