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Multivolt Services has been working on switchboard upgrade throughout Carindale

Electrician Carindale Switchboard upgrades: Homeowners must have up-to-date switchboards under new legislation and Australian standards.
Older boards are more likely to cause electrocutions and house fires.

What is a Switchboard?

It is a building's electrical hub, collecting power from the power grid and dispersing it throughout the building as needed. It directs current to the numerous circuits and home appliances in the house.

The Australian Wiring Rules and Laws AS3000:2018 require the existence of an up-to-date switchboard with a safety switch.

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Do I need to upgrade my switchboard?

Household energy usage will continue to rise as technology progresses. As a result, Australians today have more household gadgets than ever before, which necessitates more energy.
Many homeowners purchase new induction stove tops only to discover that they require an electrical upgrade as well.

Why should you upgrade your switchboard?

Among the most common are:

The electrical panel is old, and the older the system, the more probable it is to fail.
The circuit breakers trip on a frequent basis.
An old fuse box, most likely equipped with ceramic fuses.
The lights flicker at random intervals.
When there are too many appliances in operation, the fuses blow more frequently.
Short circuits occur commonly in appliances.
The electrical panel is making a buzzing or odd noise.

Older switchboards can no longer fulfil today's expectations due to changes in electrical requirements and appliances. Overloading older electrical panels can result in electrocution, fires, and other undesirable repercussions.

Upgrading to a newer, safer board eliminates these issues and safeguards equipment, buildings, and people.

Upgrades to the switchboard

Many various processes contribute to a safe and successful board upgrade process.
The panel update typically takes 2 to 4 hours and entails the following:

To ensure the safety of the panel update, the building's power is switched off.
All of the old correct protection devices and fuses have been removed.
To house the new RCD switches and breakers, an 8-12 pole enclosure is erected.
To fulfil standards, all current circuits are connected to upgraded circuit breakers, RCDs, and other devices.
The earthing system is inspected to ensure that it is still in good working order.
Throughout the process, approximately seven electrical tests are performed to ensure that everything is in working order.
Among many other specific processes, the upgrading process involves targeted measures and appropriate procedures.

The panel update typically takes 2 to 4 hours and entails the following:

Turning off the power in the building to ensure the safety of the panel upgrade.
The old proper protective devices and fuses are being removed.
To accommodate the new RCD switches and breakers, an 8-12 pole enclosure was constructed.
To fulfil standards, all current circuits are connected to upgraded circuit breakers, RCDs, and other devices.
Inspect the earthing system to confirm it is still in good working order.
We will use seven different testing criteria to check that everything is working properly.
Among many other comprehensive processes, the modernisation process comprises targeted measures and appropriate procedures. There may also be additional actions taken to guarantee that everything functions properly and safely. How much does it cost to replace an old switchboard?

A switchboard update is not something that a typical homeowner budget for.

Please keep in mind that these are only estimates for a domestic electrician!

The cost of upgrading a switchboard varies depending on the property. However, based on years of upgrading, this is a reasonable estimate of the typical cost of updating a switchboard in Brisbane.

*These are approximate Carindale and Brisbane averages.

A standard switchboard update will set you back between $800 and $2000.

A 3-phase switchboard will cost between $3000-$5000, and installation may require the services of a commercial electrician.

Always be wary of electricians who quote prices lower than these, as they may not be competent for the job.
Avoid organisations that charge significantly more than these amounts because you will be spending far more than you should.

What exactly are three-phase switchboard upgrades?

If your property has a rather large power demand and various appliances, you'll require a 3-phase switchboard.
Some houses require a 3-phase switchboard to power several air conditioners or appliances with air ducts or to build a granny apartment.

One of the advantages of having a three-phase electrical system is that the power supply never goes down to zero.
It is more dependable and sturdy, consumes less energy, and requires far less wiring during installation.

A 3-phase panel can only be installed, replaced, or upgraded by a licenced Level 2 electrician.

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What is an RCD?

They protect against electric shocks, flames, and electrocution in the home.
They turn off the current instantly if an imbalance occurs by monitoring the current flow in the neutral and active conductors.

To improve overall house safety, safety switches become essential on all circuits in new homes beginning in January 2019.

Electrician Carindale To do your switchboard upgrades.

Multivolt Services has been upgrading electrical switchboards all over Carindale and Brisbane

Our team of trusted emergency electricians have the experience and accreditation to carry out all switchboard upgrades.

We can work in all residential, commercial and industrial buildings and upgrade all types of switchboards.

Contact our team today for an accurate and detailed estimate.
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