Luxury transportation and quality wine samples are combined on the top wine excursions in New York. NY Wine Tours collaborates with Long Island limousine providers and vineyards to provide a fully personalised itinerary. Tours are ideal for corporate outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and summer vacations. No matter what your budget is, a New York wine tour is sure to please. Choose from Long Island, the Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, or Lake George.

New York Wine Tours

Long Island

Consider attending one of the many New York wine tours on Long Island if you're seeking a new winery or sampling site. A private tour can be reserved in advance, or a public tour can be booked. A private tour is usually more expensive, and driving oneself is not recommended! Public tours, on the other hand, are often less expensive and cover three different vineyards as well as lunch. If you wish to go to Manhattan afterwards, public tours are a great option.

Consider visiting Lewins Vineyard if you want to see a private vineyard. This smaller vineyard has a more lively ambience and a tasting room dating back to the 1800s. Bring your four-legged buddy because the vineyard is pet-friendly! And don't be concerned if you don't have a car! This vineyard even allows you to pick your own vegetables. You'll also be able to sample a range of styles and flavours, and you'll have plenty of time to take photographs.

The Finger Lakes

Summer is the finest season to go on a wine tour in New York because the weather changes dramatically during the day. Mornings are pleasant, but afternoons and evenings can be chilly. Dress warmly by layering long-sleeve shirts, light sweaters, and jackets. During this time of year, many vineyards host unique events and activities. If you schedule your trip in the fall, though, you may find it too cold to conduct much wine tasting or sightseeing.

Consider creating a personalised itinerary if you wish to visit the region's wineries while staying in a hotel. While a normal seven-hour tour is a good starting point, you can tailor a tour to your preferences, visiting up to seven different wineries. Lunch is available at certain wineries. Others serve lunch, so you may pick what works best for you. It's crucial to remember that wine tasting is quite subjective, so you'll have to sample each wine separately to figure out which one is best for you.

Erie Lake

Lake Erie wine cruises are the answer if you're seeking a one-of-a-kind, delightful way to spend a day. The region, which runs from Silver Creek, New York to Harborcreek, Pennsylvania, is home to a number of award-winning wineries. The many vineyards along the road provide a wide range of wines. Because there is no established itinerary for the Wine Trail, you can organise your own unique excursion to the area's vineyards.

The climate is similar to that of France's Alsace and Mosel Valley, and the grape types are similar. These wines are a great blend of varietals from the United States, Europe, and France. There are also some award-winning dessert wines and Riesling can be found. The best thing is that you may try the wines for as little as $5 per glass. Other attractions in the area include a putting green and an outdoor swimming pool.

Lake George

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A trip to Lake George is bound to be exciting! This area has famous roller coasters as well as fascinating history museums. But the good times don't stop there. After exploring the area, you may unwind at a local winery and sample some delectable handcrafted wines. You might also wish to sample some of the region's best dishes and wine pairings. Here are some suggestions:

Wine tastings in the Adirondacks are something that visitors should do. Three award-winning wineries may be found in Lake George. One of them is Adirondack Winery. Its three venues are strategically placed to ensure a memorable experience. The wine tasting experience at the winery is certainly one-of-a-kind. You'll enjoy breathtaking mountain vistas as well as a peaceful evening with friends. You'll feel revitalised and energised when you leave.

The Niagara Falls

If you want to enjoy the whole wine tour experience, you can book a private tour with a local tour provider. Many tour operators also host unique events that cater to a variety of tastes. You can sample wines from award-winning wineries or enjoy Ontario's distinctive ice wine. The normal Niagara wine tour lasts about 5.5 hours, but you can add on sampling and a gourmet lunch at a local restaurant.

Most wine tours cover the attractions of the region, with some being more in-depth than others. A Niagara wine trip can include a complete vineyard tour, a tasting room session, and visits to two boutique wineries. The trip will also include complimentary cheeses and other appetisers, as well as Ontario's famous ice wine. Unlike other wine excursions, a Niagara wine trip may be tailored to your specific preferences and interests. The flexibility and diversity of trips make it the perfect option to make the most of your Niagara wine country holiday.


Consider a visit to Benmarl Winery if you're searching for a new venue to sample some wonderful New York wine. The vineyard, located in Marlboro, New York, overlooks the historic Hudson River Valley and is one of the country's oldest. The winery's history dates back to the early 1800s, when Andrew Jackson Caywood purchased the land and became a viticulture and winemaking master. Mark Miller later purchased the winery and adapted his experience of European winemaking to the New York soils.

The vineyards are run by families, and the food is superb. The majority of the drivers are NYS EMTs, so you can relax knowing you're in good hands. The wineries also adhere to strict guest safety rules. You may be confident that you will not stumble across a bottle of dangerously tainted wine. The CDC and COVID-19 winery protocols were followed.


A visit to Millbrook Vineyards & Winery is one of the most enjoyable and educational wine tours in the Hudson Valley. This award-winning winery, located in Millbrook, New York, about 1.5 hours from New York City and Albany, offers a five-star wine experience and instructional tour. For the past 20 years, Millbrook has been crowned the best winery in the Hudson Valley. Visitors can take educational wine tours and sample award-winning wines.

Guests are urged to check in and purchase a wine sampling glass at least 15 minutes before their scheduled tasting. Tastings normally take 30 to 45 minutes. The winery is open daily from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m. Picnics are permitted on the grounds, however, keep in mind that all wine offered at Millbrook Vineyards is produced on-site, and only Millbrook and Millhouse beer are authorised. It's worth a visit just to take in the views from this lovely winery.

Lavender Farm on Rue Claire

A visit to Rue Claire Lavender Farm is one of the greatest options for a wine tour of New York's Finger Lakes if you're looking for something a touch more premium than your ordinary vineyard. The lavender fields on the estate are bursting with fragrant blooms. Lavender is utilised in high-end products like as handcrafted chocolate truffles and artisanal soaps. A trip to the lavender farm might even inspire you to create your own chocolate truffles.

You may book a more intimate wine tour of the area through Airbnb. They provide a local guide in a Jeep Wrangler who will photograph you as you tour the lavender farm and vineyard. The price of the wine tour includes a snack and water or soft drinks. Keuka Lake is the next stop on an upstate wine tour. To visit this area, you can take a driving or boat tour, or you can book an individual taxi service from their offices.


The Finger Lakes region is home to family wineries, orchards, creameries, horse pastures, and Wolftree Blueberry Farm. This pick-your-own blueberry farm, located above Keuka Lake, is a terrific way to spend the day. This region's wineries are suitable for groups of six or more people. To schedule a visit, contact the winery ahead of time to learn about the region's regulations and safety precautions.

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