How much should I pay for a plastering job? A guide to plastering types and costs

Why plaster?
Plastering Types And Plastering Costs: Plastering is a beautiful alternative for tackling a DIY project, restoring a worn-out rental property, or assisting a friend.
The durability of plaster is its main selling point.
Plaster finishes provide a more substantial and lasting wall surface than other options (like drywall).

First, study the fundamentals of plastering and estimate the cost of hiring a plasterer to execute your project.
If you want a challenging and long-lasting wall finish that can withstand dents, bumps, and accidents, plaster is the way to go.
Not to mention the decorative options that a plaster treatment provides – it can truly enhance the appearance of your wall. Oh, and there's a benefit for our environmental friends: plaster is pollution-free, making it a better alternative for our beautiful world.
Perhaps you've already recognised the advantages of plastering, but you're still unsure about the expenses. You're in luck since Brisbane Plaster Pro collaborated with plastering experts to provide this simple guide to plastering expenses!

What are the different types of plaster?

There are several types of plaster to choose from! Here are the main plaster options we would recommend:

Drywall Plaster

Dry plaster is used by most builders because it contains fire-resistant choices as well as dry plaster with acoustic qualities. Another advantage is that you can make partitions to make extra space.
This is the majority of the plastering we perform.

Lime plaster

Lime plaster, which is made of lime and sand, is another choice for plastering. This material functions as a primer as well as a finished surface for your wall. In Australia, it is not often used.

Cement plaster

Cement plaster provides the strongest defence against bugs and parasites that may try to colonise your walls. The cement plaster to sand ratio is 1:3.

Gypsum plaster

Because it is still relatively young, gypsum plaster is less well known. However, because it decreases the possibility of shrinkage or cracking, it is swiftly becoming the new favourite. It is also an all-purpose plaster that can be used as a pour, priming, final coat, or single coat.

Wet plaster

The most well-known type is wet plaster, which is made from a mixture of lime, cement (or plaster), and water. It is typically applied wet with a trowel.

cornice installation
cornice work brisbane

Ornamental plaster

As the name suggests, ornamental plaster is used mainly to create decorative effects on the walls. For example, you can create ceiling roses, waves or words that rely on ornamental plaster.
We specialize in ornamental plastering and you can see our work on the ornamental plastering page

What is the cost of plaster, depending on the type?

Plasterers charge a fee based on the size of the area to be plastered. Plastering costs between $2 and $10 per square foot, so anticipate to pay between $500 and $20,000 depending on the size and complexity of the job.

Standard plastering

If you're searching for a cost per square metre, hard plastering will cost between $20 and $70 per square metre, and wet plastering will cost between $45 and $90 per square metre.
The Australian Taxation Office suggests a price range of $8 to $16 per square metre for plasterboard installation and $15 to $20 for plasterboard supply and installation.

Ornamental plasterwork

As previously stated, ornamental plastering is considerably more delicate and intricate, which is reflected in the cost, which varies depending on your working region.

Additional costs for plastering should be taken into account:

  • Removal of existing plaster
  • Fee for difficult accessibility
  • Price for creativity/complexity
  • Materials selected
  • Time required for the work
fixing damaged ceiling

How much does it cost to repair damaged plaster walls and ceilings?

Plaster repair is more difficult than you think, especially if you want the final finish to match the rest of the room.
Plasterer plaster repair estimates are based on the job's scale and complexity, the state of the surfaces, and the quantity of prep work required. As a result, they may also charge by the hour.

Repairing plaster is harder than you think

Perhaps your children tore a hole in your drywall, your ornamental plaster has aged, or your ceiling has water damage from a leak. Although you may be tempted to do it yourself, plaster repair is more difficult than you think.
To repair a hole in the plasterboard, first widen the opening into a rectangle so that a new piece of plaster may be inserted.
This is typically done in numerous coats, each of which must dry before proceeding to the last stage of sanding to a flat surface and then painting.
Smoothing out a hole in plasterboard or repairing a broken cornice requires talent, experience, and the necessary tools, so a professional plasterer is most likely the best person for the job. The majority of folks are interested in knowing how much it will cost to repair the plaster. Other frequently asked questions on this subject include how much it costs to repair a plaster ceiling and how much it costs to repair a hole in a plaster wall.

Hiring a plasterer

When choosing a plasterer to conduct repair work, you should take the time to ensure that they are qualified for the job.
You should ask the following questions:

Do you have any certifications or licences?
Is your insurance going to cover you working in my house?
How long will it take you to finish my assignment?
Are you able to provide a written estimate?
Do you have any references I could look up?
Can you show me any of your work?

Get a quote for wall and ceiling plaster repairs

Getting estimates from local plasterers is the best approach to determine the cost of your project. This might give you an indication of current market values.
Keep in mind that the cheapest quote is not always the best. Instead, focus on the plasterer's abilities since execution is key.
Do you still have questions?
Contact us now to get a quote.
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