Summer Camps For Children In The Mountains

Summer camps in the mountains can offer an exciting and liberating experience for children. Away from everyday routines, they are free to explore their surroundings while developing independence, creativity and confidence. At mountain camp, kids will discover a world of outdoor adventure that's far removed from the hustle and bustle of cities.

From climbing high peaks to making friends around a campfire, summer camps in the mountains provide endless opportunities for growth, learning and fun. Kids get to try new activities like horseback riding or canoeing under the watchful guidance of experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching them valuable skills. With plenty of time spent outside exploring nature, these unique experiences create lasting memories that won't be forgotten anytime soon!

Outdoor Activities

At mountain camps, we understand the importance of outdoor activities and experiences that can build confidence in children. Our summer camp offers opportunities for exploration like no other! From exploring caves to mountain biking and star gazing, there's something for everyone. We believe that these activities are integral to unlocking a subconscious desire for freedom within each child.

Survival skills such as building fires safely or using natural resources can be taught by our experienced staff members; this helps foster self-sufficiency and independence, which is important when it comes to crafting life-long memories. Providing an environment that gives purposeful play time allows kids to experience the outdoors in their own unique way while creating art with nature.

We strive to provide an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter and learning at our mountain camp – one your children will remember long after they've gone home!

Educational Programs

At our mountain summer camp, we offer a wide range of educational programs that are sure to excite and inspire children. Our arts and crafts classes give kids the chance to express their creativity in unique ways while having fun with friends. We also provide star gazing sessions so they can explore the wonders of the night sky! Bird watching trips allow them to get up close and personal with some of nature’s most beautiful creatures.

For those looking for something more adventurous, our rock climbing courses teach basic skills like belaying, rappelling, and knot tying – all under the watchful eye of experienced professionals. And after an exciting day out on the trails, everyone can come together around the fire for some delightful campfire stories!

We believe learning should be an interactive experience that encourages exploration and discovery. That's why at our mountain camps, we create activities designed to engage both mind and body alike — providing an unforgettable journey into nature's beauty.


Now that you’re familiar with our educational program, it's time to explore the great outdoors! At our summer camp for children in the mountains, we offer plenty of opportunities for hiking. From winding trails through lush forests, to serene meadows carpeted with wildflowers, there are a variety of paths for everyone to explore. On these hikes you can expect everything from campfire stories and night sky gazing, to spotting star constellations or wildlife along the way. We also have mountain biking routes so your kids will be able to get an even closer look at nature’s beauty while riding on two wheels.

Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience that encourages exploration and appreciation of this special environment. Our passionate guides love taking groups out into the wilderness where they can get away from everyday life and truly reconnect with nature. No matter what activity you choose – whether it’s a leisurely stroll around one of our nearby lakes or an adventurous trek up a nearby peak – we guarantee an unforgettable journey your child won't soon forget!

So come take part in all the activities available here at our summer camp for children in the mountains – let us show you why exploring nature's wonders should be on every family’s bucket list! Your kids will gain a newfound respect for their surrounding environment, plus memories that will last a lifetime. It's time to discover what makes hikers return year after year: fresh air, stunning views, and experiences that no other vacation can provide.


As we all know, swimming is an essential part of summer camp. For that reason, it's important to ensure the safety and happiness of our campers when they're in the pool or near open water sources. To guarantee a safe experience for everyone at our mountain camps, several precautions must be taken.

Firstly, staff members need to have proper qualifications related to both water safety and child protection. Our team of counselors are highly trained and certified in these areas so you can rest assured that your children are in good hands while they swim. Additionally, we provide appropriate equipment such as lifejackets and flotation devices for younger swimmers who may still be learning how to keep themselves afloat.

Lastly, campfire safety is also vital during summer camps since many activities take place around this area. We remind our camper to respect fire by keeping a safe distance from it whenever possible and never leaving any burning embers unattended. Sun protection is another issue that needs attention in order to prevent sunburns from occurring; therefore, we always advise campers on how best to care for their skin whilst spending time outdoors.

At our mountain camps, we strive to make sure every camper has access to a fun yet secure environment with plenty of opportunities for them to learn new skills and play safely!


After taking a refreshing dip in the lake, the next activity at our mountain camp is canoeing! Whether you're looking to take an easy paddle or challenge yourself with a river trip, you can find exactly what you want here. Our experienced staff will help guide each group on their journey, ensuring that everyone has fun and stays safe while exploring the great outdoors.

Canoeing provides plenty of opportunities for team building as well — from learning basic paddling techniques together to navigating rapids downriver. Plus, all of our rafting trips end with a delicious campfire dinner and star gazing around the fire – giving your children some unforgettable memories they'll cherish forever.

At our summer camps, we strive to create a sense of adventure and freedom for all participants. Through activities like canoeing and swimming, kids can learn more about themselves and develop invaluable skills that will last them through life's journeys.

Science Classes

As the sun sets behind the mountains, children at summer camp are presented with a unique opportunity to explore aspects of science that they wouldn't be able to in traditional classrooms. From exploring fossils and stargazing to animal tracking, bug collecting and rock climbing, there is something for everyone.

Adventure-seekers looking to discover more about the world around them can take part in special activities designed to teach them the skills needed for exploration. With expert help from experienced naturalists and other specialists, kids will learn how to track animals through their footprints or identify bugs by examining their habitats; all while having fun!

At our mountain camps, we also strive to provide an environment where children can develop a deeper appreciation for nature. Through hands-on experiences such as scaling rocks or searching for fossils near our lakeshore, young minds gain valuable knowledge on ecology and conservation — an important lesson that will last long after summer camp has ended.

Nature Walks

After spending some time learning about the wonders of science, it's time to get out and explore nature! At our mountain camp, we offer regular nature walks where campers can experience the beautiful sights and sounds of a natural environment. Our experienced guides will lead you on an adventure through diverse terrain as you take in breathtaking views, learn camping skills, and spot wildlife along the way.

Nature walks are also a great opportunity for campers to hone their bird watching, star gazing, and plant identification skills. From spotting rare birds to searching for constellations in the night sky, getting up close with mother nature is truly special. We also encourage campers to bring binoculars or field glasses to observe animals from afar without disturbing them.

At our mountain camp, we believe that being surrounded by such majestic beauty helps build connections between people and planet Earth. It’s here during these unique excursions when campers gain an appreciation for nature that lasts long after summer is over! With every step taken in this wild landscape comes an even greater understanding of why caring for our planet matters.

Field Trips

At our mountain camp, we understand the importance of field trips for children to develop their camping skills and survival techniques. Our experienced staff plans activities that challenge participants to learn about nature, find creative solutions to problems, and bond with one another in a safe environment. We focus on team building exercises so kids gain an appreciation for working together and build confidence through overcoming obstacles as a group.

We also strive to promote environmental awareness by exposing them to different habitats, teaching them how their actions can positively or negatively impact the natural world around us. Field trips are an important part of our program because they offer a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and introduce children to communities outside of their own. Together they explore nearby towns while learning more about local customs and traditions from people who live there.

At our camp, outdoor adventures are designed to spark imagination and discovery! Whether exploring caves or kayaking down rivers, going on hikes or visiting museums – students will have chances to discover new places and make lasting memories along the way.


Mountain camps offer a unique experience for kids. They get to have fun outdoors, learn important life skills, and make memories that will last a lifetime. From hiking and swimming to canoeing and science classes, there's something for every kid at these summer camps. Plus, with the variety of field trips available, children can explore the natural wonders of their area. So what are you waiting for? Get your child ready for an unforgettable mountain camp adventure!

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